What is MagiPay?

MagiPay is a standalone payment gateway serving for Coin Magi (XMG), an online currency which enables instant payments to anyone in the world. Through MagiPay network, integrating Coin Magi into your business is easy.

How does it work?

1. A merchant creates an account at m-epays.com; after successful registration one can create a payment box;
2. m-epays.com issues MagiPay account details;
3. Integrate MagiPay to merchant's website;
4. Customer clicks the 'Pay with magi' button, MagiPay connects to m-epays.com server and requests for a specific payment box;
5. m-epays.com issues a MagiPay address and the total amount to be paid;
6. Customer sends coins to the MagiPay address;
7. Once the payment is received and confirmed, the server informs the successful payment;
8. After 1 hour upon the payment is received, the server automatically transfer the amount of magi to merchant's registered external wallet address.

What's special?

1. Fully configurable;
2. FREE MagiPay service.