Merchant Guide

Merchant's Integration

  1. Download the files from Magipay or clone it on github then put it to your server.

  2. Register with Magipay to create an account.

  3. After a successful registration, you will be prompted to your dashboard.

  4. On the options panel, click the Create Payment Box. You just have to fill up these fields:

    • Payment Box Name - you can have as many magi payment box as you like and this field will differentiate each other.
    • Your External Wallet Address - this is where our server will transfer all the payments received by your payment box.
    • Callback URL - when our server receives a payment from your user, payment notifications will be sent to this url. This is the path where you will place the php files that you will download from Magipay.(Example: http://yourwebsite/magipay.callback.php)

  5. Files that you have to edit:
    • db_connect.php
    • create database DBNAME;
      grant all on DBNAME.* to DBUSER;

    • magipay.keys.php

  6. Run magipay.createtable.php on your browser

  7. Integration of magipay in your website

You can also use this image in your website.


Magipay box config

  • public_key - Public key that's been generated by Magipay
  • private_key - Private key that's been generated by Magipay
  • clientID - This is your unique id from generated by Magipay
  • userID - This one is generated from merchant database. It is a unique identifier for a specific user.
  • boxID - Box number of a specific payment box.
  • invoiceID - Id of a specific transaction from merchant.
  • amountUSD - Total amout of an invoice.
  • $DB_HOST - Your sever localhost
  • $DB_USERNAME - Your user name from your database
  • $DB_PASSWORD - Your database password
  • $DB_NAME - Name of your database